Case Study:

ATM2Go – Automatic Teller Machine Services
Business Summary:
ATM2GO has been providing the convenience of cash to events and businesses since 2011.
When Andrew and Jenny first launched the business, it was with a wealth of industry
knowledge. Andrew had been involved with selling the first ‘white label’ (non-bank) ATMs in
Australia in the late 1990s.
Franchising was the obvious way to expand the business, so that individual business owners
could own and operate their own equipment under the one brand. With 17 franchisees
now running under the ATM2GO banner, the number of events that ATM2GO has attended
over the last eight years is in the thousands.
There is a great deal of experience in the team and each franchisee takes pride in
providing clients with an exceptional customer service experience. This, coupled with
reliable machinery, has seen the business grow from strength to strength.
Previously using spreadsheets and individual CRM systems ATM2Go started searching for
something that could handle all their applications in one – fleet administration, event
management, franchise details, contracts and all communication records for their fastgrowing service business. A system that all franchisees could use easily and with only one
subscription fee.

We booked a whiteboarding session with IWT Consulting to go through our process flow
and Zoho One was highlighted as the answer we had been searching for.
Utilising the Zoho CRM system by customising and creating new modules, together we
produced systems that ‘talk’ to each other. All data is accessible in the one application
and is synchronised in real time so whether you’re in the office or utilising the mobile app
this makes working onsite easy. Great for a business that is expanding throughout Australia.
Financial aspects of each franchisee are regularly communicated with reports and
functions that were coded to enable all parties access to these details as required, giving
away with the old spreadsheets and manual data entry and reducing the risk of human
error substantially. Individual machine data is regularly imported and allocated to each
machine. Which is also linked to the event the machine was used at (including contact
details, dates and maps) and the franchisee responsible for that machine with the dates
added to the zoho calendar.
Permissions were set for franchisees to access their own data with administration profiles
able to have an overview of the business as a whole. As a franchise business, Zoho has
provided them with the ability to track when contracts are due to be renewed and set
automated workflows for contact to be made either by phone or email.
Being able to see the entire business in one system is so efficient and cost effective.
ATM2Go now utilise the CRM system to track and correlate their fleet of ATMs and
franchisees. All communications are easily tracked to each client with details of
‘behaviours’ such as when emails were opened and read.
Working as a team with IWT Consulting we analysed the current business processes and by
customising fields, modules and workflows within Zoho, provided systems that were above
our expectations. Systems testing and training was set to suit what we needed to learn so
again, all customised to suit the users.
We will save $25,000 to $30,000 in the first year with the elimination of double handling and
manually gathering statistics for individual events. The ongoing time savings and the value
that it adds to each franchisees business is massive!
After we had settled on our processes and made the decision to proceed, we were up
and running in 2 months! With the follow up support plan, any concerns are addressed
asap. We will be utilising more applications as we continue to grow and improve ATM2Go,
we know that IWT Consulting and Zoho have the ability to help us get to where we want to

IWT Consulting & Zoho
IWT Consulting is a team of business consulting experts that promote, support, train and
customise a wide range of Zoho products including CRM, Campaigns, Surveys, web Sites,
help Desk, Reporting & Analytics, HR Recruit, Social marketing and Projects, to mention just
a few. Their unbelievable suite of products offers full functionality and an unbeatable price.
As an Advanced Zoho Partner, IWT Consulting has proven to be not only knowledgeable
about a wide range of these products, but able to understand and implement complex

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