A1CRM outlines the best practices for ensuring that you’re creating effective and targeted email campaigns with your CRM.

As part of our CRM consultancy in Brisbane, we often receive questions from customers regarding how they can optimise their emails to their customers. By making some changes to your CRM practices and acquiring professional marketing assistance if needed, you can ensure that you are making the most of this important communication channel. Thus, we have outlined some tips and tricks that you can apply to ensure that your marketing emails are as effective as possible.

Use consistent branding across all emails

It is important that all emails you send out to your database are branded consistently, in order to foster brand recognition and establish trust and credibility with your audience. Inconsistent branding may lead to confusion and dilute the impact of your messaging. Zoho allows you to upload branded email templates, which can then be saved for future use. This way, you can be sure that all your email communications with customers are coherent and uniform. A professional marketing company, such as Outsource2us, can also work with you to write the content and ensure your branding is effective and consistent across all your marketing activities.

Personalise Your Content

Tailoring your messaging in your emails sent through your CRM can be useful in enhancing engagement. This could be as simple as addressing recipients by name, recommending products based on their purchase history or acknowledging past interactions. Zoho allows you to effectively segment your audience so that you can ensure they are receiving marketing emails that are personalised and relevant to their needs – effectively encouraging more leads or sales. If you need assistance with effectively segmenting your audience, talk to a professional CRM consultancy in Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland, such as A1CRM.

Mobile Optimisation

In this day and age, where people are increasingly consuming more and more content on their mobile devices, mobile optimisation is incredibly important for your marketing emails. This can be done by creating a responsive design, writing concise content, and incorporating large, clickable buttons to enhance readability. Zoho allows you to send tests of your templates to ensure that your emails are properly optimised for email.

Create Workflows for Your Email Funnels

It’s best practice to create workflows for your email funnels as this creates consistent communication with your leads and customers. This streamlines your efficiency, reduces manual errors, and allows you to nurture your leads and customers systematically. CRMs such as Zoho allow you to create detailed workflows that incorporate various triggers and conditions to improve the efficiency of your email marketing.

By implementing these practices, with the help of CRM consultancy in Brisbane, you can effectively use your CRM’s capabilities to optimise your email marketing. For more tips on how you can streamline and improve your email marketing strategy, contact our marketing partner Outsource2Us today!

This blog was written by A1CRM, an Australian CRM consultancy, specialising in business process mapping and implementation. Our offices are in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand.

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