Streamline Your Concrete Business Operations

At A1CRM, we understand the unique challenges faced by concrete batching businesses. Truck n Track, our integrated concrete processing and fleet tracking system is designed to simplify your operations by connecting disparate systems into a cohesive, end-to-end solution.

Comprehensive Integration

Concrete businesses often struggle with fragmented systems that don’t communicate effectively. Truck n Track addresses this issue by bringing together various aspects of your operations, such as:

  • Online Order Capture and Management
  • Fleet Planning and Management
  • Batching Systems

Key Features

Online Ordering

  • Simplify the order process for your customers
  • Integrated system for commercial, account, and casual visitors

Fleet Planning and Tracking

  • Optimize fleet usage
  • Real-time fleet tracking and management

Batching System

  • Accurate recipe management
  • Seamless integration with POS and fleet systems

Why Choose Truck n Track, Our Integrated Concrete Processing and Fleet Tracking System?

Holistic Integration: Whether you use multiple smaller systems or our own solutions, we ensure they work together seamlessly. This reduces redundant data entry and minimises errors, providing a unified view of your operations.

Custom Solutions: We offer tailored integrations for nearly any system you currently use, making it a versatile choice for readymix concrete suppliers.

Efficiency and Accuracy: By integrating your systems, we help you reduce costs, save time, and avoid costly mistakes in batching and delivery.

Our Proven Success

We’ve successfully implemented this integrated system for various concrete businesses, solving the common problem of “disparate smaller systems that don’t talk to each other.” Our solution has enhanced operational efficiency and accuracy, leading to significant cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.

Transform your concrete business with Truck n Track

Let A1CRM help you build a better, more integrated future for your concrete business.