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Zoho CRM and its 40+ supporting applications form an online sales and management system that will streamline your business processes and make your people more productive.

What makes Zoho CRM different?

With 15 years of experience in the CRM industry, we know what it’s like to be at every stage of a growing business. Since our start, we’ve grown to support millions of users by putting their needs at the center of everything we do.

Faster Implementation, Highest Adoption

Worried about migrating from your existing customer relationship management solutions? We can help you bring all your existing sales data into Zoho CRM successfully.

Works with your existing apps

Seamlessly integrate with more than 300 popular business apps, and let your CRM talk in your business’ language.

Secure and reliable

With advanced security features like encryption, audit logs, IP restrictions, and two-factor authentication, Zoho CRM conveniently protects your data, only allowing access to the users you authorize.

No hidden costs. No contracts.

With Zoho CRM, there are no forced contracts or additional surprise costs. What you pay for is what you get. The pricing is flexible as well—you can opt to pay either monthly or annually.

Rated best in mobile functionality

If you have a sales team in the field, it’s important to ensure that they have access to customer data at all times. Zoho CRM allows them to stay on the move, close deals more effectively, and keep everyone in the loop.

Here's what Zoho CRM can do for your business.

  • End-to-end implementation support
  • Ecosystem of 45+ integrated business applications
  • No hidden costs. No contracts.
  • Streamlined user experience with Canvas
  • Uncompromising security and compliance


Improvement in lead conversion rates.


Improvement in customer retention.


Revenue increase per sales person.


Shorter sales cycles.

Compare the top CRMs


Zoho CRM vs Salesforce

Salesforce is known for its extensive features and highly customizable platform, suitable for businesses of all sizes. It offers a sophisticated UI and powerful customization options, though it comes with higher licensing costs.

Zoho CRM offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed for simplicity and cost-effectiveness. It’s ideal for businesses seeking an intuitive, budget-friendly solution with robust functionality and minimal need for customization.

Zoho CRM vs Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a comprehensive solution with native integrations with Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint. It features a traditional UI that can be powerful with customization. Ideal for companies needing strong native integrations and a feature-rich CRM, despite higher costs and a steeper learning curve.

Zoho CRM is a user-friendly, cost-effective alternative with seamless third-party integrations and an intuitive interface. It’s perfect for businesses seeking an efficient, budget-friendly solution with robust functionality and minimal customization needs.

Zoho CRM vs Hubspot

HubSpot offers a user-friendly CRM with a free version. Its simple interface is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. While it has a limited marketplace and less robust analytics, it’s a solid choice for those not needing extensive enterprise features.

Zoho CRM provides a comprehensive, cost-effective suite of tools. It’s excellent for businesses seeking an intuitive, budget-friendly solution with robust functionality and scalability for both small businesses and larger enterprises.

Price per user: Zoho CRM vs Others

Zoho CRM outshines the competition any day of the week at a price point that will leave you grinning.

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Paul Greenberg’s CRM Watchlist, 2022 – Winner with distinction. (Highest Score)

Gartner Magic Quadrant Sales Force Automation 2022 – Visionary

Leader in CRM Technology Value Matrix 2022

TrustRadius – Top-Rated CRM Software, 2021


CRM Solutions

We love customising Zoho CRM for unique business scenarios and use cases. Learn about the custom solutions we implemented for our customers.

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