Zoho CRM & Xero Integration - Bulk Invoicing and Roll Over

Zoho Xero CRM integration

The bulk invoicing and roll over enhancements enable organisations to create or clone multiple new invoices with just one click of a button and push bulk invoices to Xero in a click . The new invoices contain the same list items of the original invoices but with different invoice numbers, invoice dates and due dates. These elements are modifiable according to what the organisations require e.g. due date must be 7 days after invoice date or invoice date should start at a particular date.

Zoho CRM-Xero

These enhancements help organisations save a lot of time. Instead of creating individual new invoices manually (especially if you have heaps of invoices to recreate), with just a click of a button, the system does it for you. What’s more, you can push all these invoices directly to Xero, again, in one click! And when you reconcile in Xero, it will push back the status in CRM.

Create bulk invoice in CRM

Instead of spending hours and hours of recreating multiple invoices manually, you can do it in one second and all within your CRM.

You can even allow your sales team to do this and send it to Xero without needing to access Xero. This saves you time, gives you real time data and reduces manual data errors.

Send bulk invoice to Xero
Xero Integration Features

Invoicing has never been this easy.

Let us integrate your Zoho CRM and Xero today.

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