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Discover errors and prepare data faster with this AI-powered data preparation tool from Zoho.

Zoho DataPrep helps connect, explore, transform, and enrich data for analytics, machine learning, migration, and data warehousing.

Some feature highlights:

  • Connect and prepare data from multiple sources such as files, feeds, databases, data warehouses, REST APIs and more.
  • Analyze and improve data quality by removing duplicates, fixing invalid and missing values.
  • Transform and enrich data using machine learning techniques with sentiment analysis, language detection, keyword extraction and more.
  • Modify, disable, or remove any transforms at any point in time and reuse rulesets to apply the same set of transforms in other datasets.
  • Manage datasets by categories, custom tags, data quality, data readiness, and more. Use Zia Search to perform system-wide metadata search to improve discoverability.
  • Collaborate securely with teams and provide fine-grained permissions to ensure users can only access the data intended for them.

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Why use Zoho DataPrep?

  • Empowers business users with self-service data preparation
  • High quality data for any business need
  • Augmented data preparation identifies the next step for you
  • Brings unstructured data into the fold
  • Expansive scale with the cloud
  • Extensible data preparation platform with powerful APIs

Zoho DataPrep can fit in wherever needed.

Transform, cleanse, and format data for analytics, machine learning, data migration, and warehousing.

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